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You will be guided through the steps to make a sculptural pear using clay. If you have kiln access you can transform it into ceramic. If you do not have kiln access, you can add shoe polish to it when dry.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from your instructor Jacquie

    2. Student Walkthrough with Thinkific

    3. Calendar of Events

    4. 3 Guiding Questions before we begin...

    5. Limited Free Access

    1. The Why

    2. The What

    3. The How

    4. Facebook Group Link

    5. LIVE Zoom Session Link

    1. Making a Slab for Slip

    2. Slip Making from Scratch

    1. Day 1 of The Pear Necessities 3-Day Challenge

    2. Day 2 of The Pear Necessities 3-Day Challenge

    3. Day 3 of The Pear Necessities 3-Day Challenge

    4. Test your learning

    1. LIVE Zoom Meeting at 4 pm

    2. A quick survey before you go...

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